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Throughlines: Connections in the Collection, Portland Art Museum

January 25, 2024 - November 1, 2024

Throughlines embraces wonder and curiosity, bringing together artworks from across the Museum’s collections to explore the range of artistic innovation. From diverse geographies, cultures, and time periods, artists have consistently created images, objects, and experiences that ask us to consider ourselves and the world around us from different perspectives. Visitors will encounter playful groupings that reveal how artists shape processes, materials, and forms into compelling and meaningful artworks. Organized by themes of portraiture and representation, views of the land and environment, and unexpected uses of imagery, ephemeral materials, and color, the exhibition prompts us to think about the objects in the collection as jumping off points for stories and conversations that foster a greater sense of connection among us.

After Boarding School: In Mourning, 2011, Permanent Collection Portland Art Museum Native American Art Collection.;id=64604;type=101

This exhibition provides a glimpse of the exciting growth ahead as we look forward to the Mark Rothko Pavilion, a multi-year expansion and renovation project that will make the Museum more accessible and inclusive. While the galleries undergo this significant transformation, the Curatorial team, the Learning and Community Partnerships department, and PAM CUT colleagues have come together to present a collaboratively designed exhibition and event series that showcases our art collections and programs in a new light. After construction is complete, visitors will enjoy a fresh take on the collections as the curators reimagine, reassess, and transform the galleries throughout the Museum campus. Throughlines: Connections in the Collection will preview just some of the new approaches and collaborations we are undertaking.

Accompanying the exhibition, programming with artists’ talks and residencies, event-based experiences, multimedia presentations and screenings, and other moments of discovery expand the opportunities for visitors to engage with the joy and wonder of the artistic process.

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