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Inherent Memory

Inherent Memory features contemporary Indigenous basketry-related art created by Indigenous women and non binary artists from California and the Great Basin, including painting, sculpture, multimedia, basketry, poetry, video, and photography. This exhibition aims to raise awareness of contemporary Indigenous art from these areas and to educate museum audiences about Great Basin Tribal arts and culture, including the importance of basketry. Inherent Memory will showcase the work of 18 artists from this underrepresented area. Several of these artists are IAIA alumna and IAIA artists-in-residence.

Participating Artists

  • Brittany Britton (Hupa)

  • Cara Romero (Chemehuevi) ’05, A-i-R ’19

  • Carina King and Pauli Carroll (Yurok)

  • Fawn Douglas (Southern Paiute)

  • Ka’ila Farrell-Smith (Klamath and Modoc) A-i-R ’17

  • Karma Henry (Paiute) A-i-R ’21

  • Leah Mata Fragua (Northern Chumash)

  • Lena Tseabbe Wright (Nevada Paiute and Yurok)

  • Lillian Pitt (Yakama) A-i-R ’18

  • Linda Aguilar (Chumash)

  • Melissa Melero Moose (Northern Paiute and Modoc) ’09

  • Micqaela Jones (Eastern Shoshone)

  • Monique Sol Sonoquie (Chumash, Apache, Yaqui, Zapotec) A-i-R ’19

  • Natalie Ball (Modoc) A-i-R ’16

  • Rebecca Eagle (Paiute/Shoshone)

  • Sarah Biscarra Dilley (yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini [Northern Chumash])

  • Tanaya Winder (Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné, and African American)

  • Topaz Jones (Shoshone/Lummi) ’11, A-i-R ’20


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