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Decolonial Arts Praxis: Transnational Pedagogies and Activism

Excited to announce the academic book "Decolonial Arts Praxis Transnational Pedagogies and Activism” Edited By Injeong Yoon-Ramirez, Alejandra I. Ramírez, Copyright 2024, is going to print very soon!

I worked on my chapter "Ghost Rider: Performing Fugitive Indigeniety" during the pandemic lock downs and it was an important part of my process and research to be able to finish the Land Back series of paintings (2019-2021).

"Decolonial Arts Praxis: Transnational Pedagogies and Activism illustrates the productive potential of critical arts pedagogies in the ongoing work of decolonization by engaging art, activism, and transnational feminisms.

Offering contributions from scholars, educators, artists, and activists from varied disciplines, the volume highlights how arts can reveal intersectional forms of oppression, inform critical understandings, and rebuild transnational solidarities across geopolitical borders. The contributors present forms of enquiry, creative writing, art, and reflection which grapple with issues of colonialism, racism, and epistemological violence to illustrate the power of decolonial arts pedagogies in formal and informal education.

Using a range of multiple and intersectional critical lenses, through which readers can examine ways in which transnational feminist theorizing and art pedagogy inform, shape, and help strategize activism in various spaces, it will appeal to scholars, postgraduate students, and practitioners with interests in arts education, the sociology of education, postcolonialism, and multicultural education."

Link to pre-order the book:

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