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KA'ILA FARRELL-SMITH (American, Klamath, Modoc)

A Lie Nation: Alienation

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith’s recent works explore movement and painting as performance. Music plays an important role influencing the flow and palate of the artist’s practice, and an album that has frequented her studio is We are the Halluci Nation by a Tribe Called Red. Of particular importance is the poetry and lyrics of the late John Trudell in the track A Lie Nation (featuring Lido Pimiento and Tanya Tagaq), in which these new paintings are informally, yet directly rooted.

The Halluci Nation The human beings The people see the spiritual in the natural Through sense and feeling Everything is related All the things of earth and in the sky have spirit Everything is sacred Confronted by the alienation The subjects and the citizens see the material religions through trauma and numb Nothing is related All the the things of the earth and in the sky have energy to be exploited Even themselves, mining their spirits into souls, sold Into nothing is sacred not even their self The A Lie Nation, the alienation -John Trudell

****This Exhibition is on view July 9- August 29, 2020

Please wear a mask due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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