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Native Arts Grant, Potlatch Fund

Sepk'eeca Potlatch Fund for awarding Ka'ila Farrell-Smith for a 2016 Native Arts Grant for Professional support to create new work at upcoming artist residencies.

"I have four main goals to achieve through this year long artist professional development project. The first goal is to utilize the time, facilities and studio spaces that are being provided to me during these two separate but equally exciting art residency opportunities at unique locations. Take the time during my artist research grant at the Bill Holm Center at the Burke museum to study and learn more about Northwest Native artifacts and culture, which will be inspiration for upcoming new work. I aim to utilize this gift of time and space to create new series and bodies of work, primarily in the genre of mixed-media paintings, mono print series, and basket weaving. The second goal is to educate and share my unique knowledge and experience as an emerging contemporary Native artist with the art communities I will be engaging with. I will accomplish this through giving artist presentations and studio visits during the residencies and at IAIA, that will be with the Native students who attend the college in Santa Fe. My third goal is to professionally document these new art works, cure and archivally store and transport the artwork from the residencies back to Portland, and prepare this new work to be gallery ready."

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