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Third Space | Bukola Koiki & Kathryn Yancey

Bukola Koiki installation for Third Space at Rainmaker Artist Residency. Photo by Cale Christi.

Kathryn Yancey installation for Third Space at Rainmaker Artist Residency. Photo by Cale Christi.


Come by Rainmaker on the weekends in June to see the exhibit Third Space featuring experimental video, performance and sculptural installations by two of my studio mates Bukola and Kathryn!



June 4-30,2016

Closing Reception | Saturday June 25th | 5-8pm

Gallery Hours: Sat-Sun 12-4pm, or by appointment.

Rainmaker Artist Residency

2337 NW York St #201, Portland, OR 97210

Third Space is a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Portland-based artists and Rainmaker residents Bukola Koiki and Kathryn Yancey. In Third Space, Koiki and Yancey seek out and investigate hybrid spaces as locations of shifting physical and cultural realities. Through video, sculpture, and performance, the artists examine the often blurred and intangible locations, selves, and identities that constitute their lived, daily experiences.

Mining personal, physical and material based cultural memories, Koiki seeks to explore the immigrant experience of cultural displacement and dislocation by attempting to imbibe through repetition, the Yoruba female rite of passage of tying a gele (a head tie worn for special occasions) and documenting her own repeated attempts to claim a piece of her culture that she was unable to learn at the feet of her mother. Furthering this exploration of dislocation is the use of surrogate versions of the original textiles, made in Tyvek and canvas using experimental techniques in dyeing and image transfer.

Intuitively reacting to urban and domestic spaces, Yancey uses video to explore the formal elements of painting and sculpture. In an attempt to connect inner and outer, virtual and physical, organic, and synthetic, Yancey presents digital, time-based media as sculptural form.

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