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Ka'ila awarded a Fall 2016 Professional Development Grant from RACC

Ka'ila was awarded an $800 Professional Development Grant from Regional Arts & Culture Council to support her project proposal of attending a month-long Djerassi Resident Artists Program outside of Woodside, California from August 10-September 7, 2016. This is a unique opportunity for professional support, which will give her time to enhance creativity and provide uninterrupted time for work, reflection, and collegial interaction in a setting of great natural beauty. Djerassi is internationally recognized as one of the eminent artist residency programs. She was also selected for the Ford Family Foundation Oregon Visual Artist award.

Ka'ila says, "This residency is unique for me in relation to my art-making and career because it allows me the opportunity to travel outside of Oregon and my day-to-day inspirations and studio practice. I plan to explore more deeply the relationships between the Indigenous art processes I am working within and the marks and languages they inspire in my paintings. I will be bringing weaving materials I harvested in Oregon and see how they interact with marks and materials inspired from my time at Djerassi. It is unique because I will be in an intimate artist community with a diverse group of artists from multiple disciplines: playwrights, composers, poets, choreographers, media artists. These artists are travelling from places like Brooklyn, New York and Oslo, Norway. Working in an intimate residency with an international group of professional artists will help advance my career through networking and building new relationships with alumni and Program Staff at Djerassi Resident Artists Program."

Sepk'eeča (Thank you) RACC.

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