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Ka'ila Selected Artist for NW Art Now @ TAM

Ka'ila's paintings "Noo'a Ewksikin'ii" and "M is for Mak'Lak, W is for White: Authentic Indian Design" were selected for this summer exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM). In this exhibition, TAM seeks to feature artists who highlight this particular moment in the Northwest visual arts and the intersection of identity, social justice, and the environment. NW Art Now will focus on how artists resolve the tensions arising from these issues and propel our shared identity as inhabitants of the great Pacific Northwest. We rely on artists to help us understand these urgent issues and guide us to a shared future.

The exhibition is co-curated by Rock Hushka, Tacoma Art Museum’s Chief Curator, and Juan Roselione-Valadez, Director of the Rubell Family Collection, Contemporary Arts Foundation. Applications were followed by studio visits and conversations with Roselione-Valadez and Hushka. Both curators appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the artists’ studio practices and upcoming projects. The curators were impressed by the broad knowledge and engagement of all of the artists during this part of the selection process.

We hope the exhibition will bring some focus to the issues that are changing the Northwest while moving forward the traditions and values that have made this such a special place.

Exhibition Dates: May 14-September 4, 2016

Member’s Opening Celebration – May 21, 7–10 pm


  • Humaira Abid, Renton, Washington

  • Brad Adkins, Portland, Oregon

  • Juventino Aranda, Walla Walla, Washington

  • Oliver Doriss, Tacoma, Washington

  • Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, Portland, Oregon

  • Ben Gannon, Seattle, Washington

  • Dakota Gearhart, Seattle, Washington

  • Guestwork, Portland, Oregon

  • Karen Hackenberg, Port Townsend, Washington

  • C. Davida Ingram, Seattle, Washington

  • Eirik Johnson, Seattle, Washington

  • Christopher Paul Jordan, Tacoma, Washington

  • Paul Komada, Seattle, Washington

  • Lily Martina Lee, Boise, Idaho

  • Jeremy Mangan, Tacoma, Washington

  • Amanda Manitach, Seattle, Washington

  • Dylan Neuwirth, Seattle, Washington

  • SuttonBeresCuller, Seattle, Washington

  • Asia Tail, Tacoma, Washington

  • Rodrigo Valenzuela, Seattle, Washington

  • Joey Veltkamp, Seattle, Washington

  • Jamie Marie Waelchli, Tacoma, Washington

  • Lou Watson, Portland, Oregon

  • Robert Yoder, Seattle, Washington

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