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Woven: The Art of Contemporary Native Basketry

Woven: The Art of Contemporary Native Basketry

Archer Gallery, Vancouver, Washington

Gallery Hours: Tues -Thurs 10 am- 7pm, Fri -Sat Noon- 5pm

March 1- April 23, 2016

Art Talks: March 4 @ 6pm

Art Opening Reception: April 2, 4-7 pm

Workshops: Sunday, April 3, 1-5 pm

The Woven exhibit examines selected works of twelve contemporary Native artists, each with their own unique and modern approach to the age-old craft of weaving. The works in this exhibit will explore themes ranging from the basket as a beautiful vehicle to confront difficult issues to the use of traditional techniques and materials to express 21st century ideas and influences.

Artist Statement:

"Utilizing painting and sculptural art forms, like basket weaving, I explore the space that exists in between the Indigenous and western worlds, examining their cultural interpretations of aesthetics, symbols, and place. It is in this space I have been searching for my visual language: violent, beautiful, and complicated marks that express my contemporary Indigenous identity.

I am astounded at the mathematical complexity and beauty in the basketry of my ancestors. Once I began weaving, I discovered how heavily focused on process this artform is, which has greatly influenced how I approach painting. I have developed asystem of layering marks and stenciling designs to create my own language, combining expressions, text, and color that reference contemporary influences, along with the traditional patterns found in Klamath basket designs.

I call these baskets “Failed Hats,” because I have been trying to make a hat since Istarted weaving, but they end up taking on their own forms, so I follow that form. I dothe same when painting, I start with an idea but ultimately the composition tells me where to go."

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